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Diamond Burs and Finishing and Polishing Instruments by Johnson-Promident

Diamond Burs and Finishing and Polishing Instruments


Johnson-Promident’s lines of diamond burs and finishing and polishing instruments complement their top-rated carbide burs and offer the same leading quality performance. Products include head-to-head comparable items to the industry leaders. Finishing and Polishing Instruments are used to finish and polish dental material surfaces to improve their aesthetic quality.  There are three main materials that these instruments are made of: Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Diamond Grit.

The non-diamond abrasives provide good results for removing, contouring, and polishing dental materials. Silicon carbide is generally the preferred abrasive for porcelain, acrylic, and gold, as it will not cause discoloration. Aluminum oxide is the preferred choice for composites and enamel.

Diamond abrasives are more expensive, last longer, have a faster working time, and provide a mirror finish. These instruments are preferred for porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, and metals.

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