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i-CAT® Precise™ by Imaging Sciences International Inc.

i-CAT® Precise™

Imaging Sciences International Inc.

Imaging Sciences International’s i-CAT® Precise™ is a cone beam 3D system featuring Tx Studio™ software, affording the clinician total control of all aspects of treatment. This comprehensive treatment tool allows the clinician to guide each case efficiently, from plan to completion, with enhanced surgical predictability. This new system delivers the most comprehensive treatment tools for implant therapy, the fastest radiographic workflow, and complete clinical control over image size and dose. Dental offices can experience a significantly more efficient and productive 3D radiographic workflow with i-CAT Precise.

Additionally, i-CAT-powered scanners, including i-CAT Precise, are the only systems capable of producing CBCT radiographic images and panoramic scans in 4.8 seconds, perfect for following the progress of treatment. Utilizing a host of proprietary tools including i-Collimator™, a variety of dose settings, and i-PAN™’s built-in panoramic function.i-CAT Precise allows for responsible imaging. Flexible control over image size and low dose scanning gives control to tailor 3D and 2D scans to the need of each individual patient.

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