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PALA® cre-active® Light-Curing Color Fluid System by Kulzer

PALA® cre-active® Light-Curing Color Fluid System


PALA® cre-active® from Heraeus Kulzer is a light-curing color fluid system used for the customized characterization of dentures. 

The PALA cre-active system includes a variety of fluid colors (white, polar, pink, red, maroon, black) and gingiva material (pink, shade 200, R50, light pink, clear, and gum) to create a highly natural, realistic appearance.  PALA cre-active color fluids can be mixed into the cre-active gingiva material as color intensifying agents.  Due to the availability of both paste and liquid consistencies and six different color shades, highly customized gingival regions can be created featuring smooth or rough surfaces with transparent, light red or dark red effects.

When used in combination with Signum® connector bonding agent, the PALA cre-active system is particularly suitable for characterizing full and partial dentures, as well as implant-retained dentures.  While PALA cre-active can be used with most light-curing units, Heraeus Kulzer indicates that  the Signum HiLite® power light-curing unit is ideal for the polymerization of the characterized denture. 

Other advantages laboratories will experience with the PALA cre-active system are quick and easy application (12 anterior teeth can be done in approximately 30 minutes), quick corrections, and the ability to be both ground and polished.

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