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Mondial® 8i-5º Denture Teeth by Kulzer

Mondial® 8i-5º Denture Teeth


The flat occlusal morphology of the Mondial 8i-5º posterior tooth from Heraeus Kulzer, LLC ensures precise centrics with maximum degrees of freedom in the paths of movement.

The naturally reduced cusp angle minimizes shear forces and enables maximum chewing efficiency with comfortable, interference-free and accurate function. When used for implant treatments, the flattened multipoint contact area minimizes the initial abrasion. When used for geriatric prosthetics, older patients will appreciate the smooth, functional and easily cleaned morphology.

And when used for TMJ therapy, the Mondial 8i-5º teeth are ideal due to their exact centric keying and wide range of motion. The wider tooth base of the new Mondial 8i-5º posteriors makes it easy to achieve excellent esthetic results in both implant and combination work.

Greater basal width and tooth length provide optimum concealment of tertiary and implant structures. The wider tooth base also allows shaping of the gums for an esthetic, easily cleaned result. Unique centrics enable dental technicians to set up the Mondial 8i-5º posteriors easily and securely.

Increased proximal surfaces ensure good interdental closure and make setup easier. And since the manufacturing process is identical, the Mondial 8i-5º posterior teeth can be combined with all Mondial and Mondial i anterior teeth and posterior maxillary teeth using the Pala “Mix & Match” principle.

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