Zirlux ST1

Zahn Dental

These monochromatic Y-TZP discs serve as a valuable substructure for porcelain-fused ceramic fixed dental restorations, conveying both long-term stability and precision manufacturing. With an expansive range of disc sizes available to support CAD/CAM fabrication, Zirlux ST1 enables you to manage virtually every all-ceramic indication required of today’s dental laboratory. The fabrication process for monolithic Zirlux ST1 restorations promotes swift, effective turn-around

Zirlux ST1 can be milled for full-contour crowns, bridges, frameworks, and inlays. Finished with water-based dipping solutions, Zirlux ST1 is an ideal choice for CAD/CAM dentistry and enables laboratory technicians to easily create personalized aesthetics for each case.


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