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Total Health™ Beyond the Mouth by Henry Schein Dental

Total Health™ Beyond the Mouth

Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein’s Total Health™ Beyond the Mouth is an integrated wellness and education program that informs patients of the integral link between oral health and total health. This program assists dental professionals in uncovering potential systemic health problems, and educating patients on periodontal disease, oral cancer, sleep disorders, heart disease, and diabetes. Oral systemic information has the power to motivate compliance with oral care routines and treatment recommendations, when communicated properly. To educate patients and improve case acceptance, follow the four Total Heath steps. 1. Every patient completes the Total Health Checklist. 2. Every patient reads the Total Health Brochure. 3. Hygienist reviews the completed checklist with the patient during health discussion and provides Patient Guide with more information. 4. Dentist reinforces information provided and makes treatment recommendation. Total Health™ Beyond the Mouth was developed in collaboration with the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health.

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