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AvaDent XCL-1 by Global Dental Science, LLC

AvaDent XCL-1

Global Dental Science, LLC

The AvaDent XCL-1 denture is a fully-milled, single layer denture with monochromatic teeth while the AvaDent XCL-2 denture uses a unique layering system resulting in polychromatic teeth that simulate the dentin and enamel of natural teeth, providing premium esthetics.

Tim Thompson, President and CEO of Global Dental Science, said: "This revolutionary denture combines the bio-hygienic benefits and strength of our proprietary puck manufacturing process with the computer precision fit and algorithm-based occlusion of our digital design and milling process to create a fully-milled prosthesis where the base and teeth are one unit.”

Recent tooth wear studies conducted at the University of Minnesota have shown that AvaDent’s new fully-milled denture teeth are as good as or better than Dentsply IPN and Ivoclar DCL in head to head testing.

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