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Regenaform® and Regenafil® Allograft Pastes by Exactech, Inc.

Regenaform® and Regenafil® Allograft Pastes

Exactech, Inc.

Regenaform® and Regenafil® Allograft Pastes were evaluated in a human clinical study and were shown to induce bone formation. Both products are available in two prepackaged modalities, Room Temperature and Frozen, to meet your personal preference. Regenaform and Regenafil are available in a wide range of sizes, maximizing the precious gift of human tissue by reducing waste.

Both inductive and conductive, Regenaform may be used for your augmentation, elevation and preservation case needs. Regenafil provides the perfect fit for adaption to contained wall defect morphology with exceptional handling and stability at the graft site. When warmed, Regenaform and Regenafil Frozen become soft and moldable yet return to a resilient solid at body and room temperature. Simply shape and fit it into the site; the materials adapt to the defect morphology.

Regenaform and Regenafil Room Temperature (RT) can be hydrated chairside and are available for use within 60 seconds. This eliminates the need for a water bath and freezer. Both modalities offer the advantage of exceptional handling and stability at the graft site. These products should be packed into bony voids or gaps to fill and/or augment dental intraosseous, oral and craniomaxillofacial defects.

These defects may be surgically created osseous defects or osseous defects created from traumatic injury to the bone, including: Periodontal defects, Alveolar ridge augmentation, Extraction sockets (ridge preservation, implant preparation/placement), Maxillary sinus floor elevation, Craniofacial augmentation, Root resection, apicoectomy and cystectomy, Tumor resection.

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