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DEXIS go™ 2.0 by DEXIS®, LLC

DEXIS go™ 2.0


DEXIS go 2.0 offers features that provide a great visual patient experience around image presentation in support of clinical findings and treatment recommendations. DEXIS go functions as an imaging hub and displays all images within a patient record: intra- and extra-oral radiographs as well as intra- and extra-oral photographs. Its graphical environment looks beautiful, whether on the iPad’s retina display or on non-retina displays.
DEXIS go 2.0 is simple to use. A tap of the 3-way toggle changes the display from a new standard mouth view to the horizontal-scrolling historical mouth view. Another tap puts all images into a vertical-scrolling format sorted by date. As always, a quick tap of any thumbnail image displays that image in full screen mode. From that enlarged view, a single tap anywhere within the image area also displays a convenient "filmstrip" of all available patient images of the same type, so that the clinician can locate a desired thumbnail and tap it to see it in full size.

DEXIS 2.0 offers a quad environment while animations and transitions that enhance the user experience. To experience DEXIS go 2.0, download it for free from the Apple® iTunes® store; it includes a set of sample patients and images that can be used to try out the app even without having DEXIS Imaging Suite installed.

Indications for use: DEXIS go is an optional patient image presentation application for portable devices to be used with the DEXIS Software. It allows presentation of intra-oral and extra-oral images to the patients.

DEXIS is an industry leader in developing high quality digital imaging solutions for the dental community. In 1997, DEXIS introduced digital radiography on laptop computers — making it the first truly portable and affordable digital X-ray system. In 2001, DEXISTM became the first intra-oral digital radiography system to be accepted by the American Dental Association into the highly prestigious ADA Seal Program. Today, DEXIS is the most highly awarded intra-oral digital X-ray system with numerous awards from dental researchers and well-respected dental publications. 

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