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Portrait® IPN®, Bioform® IPN® and Bioblend® IPN® by Dentsply Sirona

Portrait® IPN®, Bioform® IPN® and Bioblend® IPN®

Dentsply Sirona

Relying on exceptional durability, DENTSPLY Trubyte® is issuing lifetime warranties on Portrait IPN, Bioform IPN and Bioblend IPN teeth against excessive wear, breakage, and discoloration for the clinical life of the denture. These DENTSPLY products are made of a hardened acrylic material and are able to mimic the gradual wear of natural tooth enamel, while delivering outstanding occlusal integrity and long-lasting esthetics.

Portrait IPN has been unrivaled in performance since 1981, has unmatched shade/mold combinations, and has offered unparalleled protection of a comprehensive tooth warranty. Truly customized dentures are possible with Portrait IPN teeth. Offer your patients: Premium esthetics, Highly wear-resistant material, A wide selection of moulds and shades to create a customized smile, Made in the USA.

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