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Cercon® CAD System by Dentsply Sirona

Cercon® CAD System

Dentsply Sirona

The Cercon® digital equipment line from DENTSPLY consists of the CAD design components, Cercon® eye laser scanner and Cercon® art CAD module, and the CAM milling unit, Cercon® brain expert. The Cercon® eye scans dies and models for crowns and bridges using a three camera system and a laser, which can precisely map up to 16 units per model. Automatic margin detection improves margin integrity and decreases remakes. Utilizing the Cercon art software, coping thickness, margins, and occlusion can all be adjusted to increase case design accuracy and to match lab or dentist preferences. With a scan and data processing time of 60 seconds per unit and a scanning precision of 20 microns or less, even difficult model geometries, such as undercuts, are easily read. The art software provides the ability to design a crown to full contour and cutback in specific measured amounts. Cercon® CAD provides an easy-to-use, affordable scanning and designing system that creates digital files to be outsourced for milling to DENTSPLY Compartis® USA central manufacturing facility in York, Pennsylvania, or to the Cercon® brain expert.

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