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Enamelize™ by Cosmedent, Inc.


Cosmedent, Inc.

Enamelize™ from Cosmedent, Inc. is an aluminum oxide polishing paste designed to greatly enhance the final polish on all composites, metals, and natural tooth structure. Enamelize should be used as your last step in the polishing process to increase the gloss, luster and surface smoothness of your restoration. “For routine use, especially recall patients, Enamelize is a great choice and a terrific value” – Reality For best results Enamelize should be used with a felt disc or a felt point, such as mini Flexibuffs or felt Flexipoints by Cosmedent.  Many dentists also put Enamelize on their polishing strips to decrease the tenacity of interproximal staining. This technique is commonly referred to as ‘greasing the strip’ and will help you obtain a maximum polish at the interproximal. Enamelize greatly enhances the polish on microfills, nanofills, micohybrids, metals, and natural dentition, and is the best material for the routine care of bonded restorations. Enamelize is available in 3 gram syringes and a 36 gram tube.

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