This directory will feature leading Composites Products for your easy review and reference.

SonicFill™ 2 is the only easy to use, sonic-activated, bulk fill dental composite system for posterior restorations that requires no additional capping layer.
Virtuoso® Universal composite offers esthetics, high polishability and optimal handling all in one formula. The innovative micro-hybrid technology makes Virtuoso an ideal universal restorative material.
Vit-l-escence is a Bis-GMA-based, radiopaque microhybrid system with an average particle size of 0.7 micrometers. The all-composite shade guide contains uniquely shaded tabs.
Wave, wave mv, and wave hv from SDI are ideal versatile, fluoride releasing, radiopaque, light cured flowable composites designed for anterior and posterior restorations.
VOCO’s x-tra base is a fast-setting bulk fill posterior composite that allows curing of 4mm layers in only 10 seconds when using the universal shade.
Introducing a new light-cured posterior composite—X-tra fil by VOCO America, Inc.
A state-of-the-art, nano-filled universal composite, ZNano from Danville Materials has a high percentage (73% by weight) of zirconia/silica based filler (80 nm), creating superior esthetics, polish, and durability.
BISCO, Inc.’s ÆLITE™ Aesthetic Enamel allows clinicians to create the most esthetic anterior and posterior restorations that polish to the highest luster.
BISCO’s ÆLITE All-Purpose Body is an ideal light-cured, universal microhybrid composite that is polishable to an enamel-like finish while offering high resistance to wear and stain.
BISCO’s ÆLITE LS Posterior is a low shrinkage composite minimizing shrinkage strain, cusp deflection and decreases the risk of marginal leakage.
BISCO’s ÆLITEFLO is a light-cured, flowable microhybrid composite for Class V restorations, as well as Class III’s and small Class IV’s.
BISCO’s ÆLITEFLO™ LV, a light-cured low viscosity micro-hybrid composite, has been re-formulated and is now highly radiopaque, allowing for easy identification on radiographs.
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