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CLINICIAN'S CHOICE Dental Products, Inc.

CLINICIAN’S CHOICE’s APEX NRG XFR™ incorporates innovative Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology plus Xtra Fine Resolution (XFR) to provide extreme accuracy and superior reliability for endodontic treatment. Measuring the distance to the apex during root canal procedures, this latest generation locator is guaranteed to provide an accurate reading in wet, dry, and even bleeding canals. Compact and lightweight (only 36g), the APEX NRG XFR is the most advanced apex locator of its kind. Based on DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, it provides superior reliability and quality.  The APEX NRG XFR uses sophisticated, proprietary software that converts the analog signals to digital and transfers them through short cables – preventing external influences and distortions of weak and sensitive signals thereby allowing a clear and accurate display of information. The multi-frequency measuring system accurately calculates the average of the signals received. The depth of the file’s progress is represented on the APEX NRG XFR by 8 multi-colored LEDs, with indicators distributed every 0.25 millimeters. An audible alarm starts at 0.5mm and alarm frequency increases as the biological apex is approached. Thanks to its small size, the APEX NRG XFR is easy to store and convenient to use. It can be clipped anywhere, at a very short distance from the oral cavity, which greatly reduces operator movements and fatigue. Place the APEX NRG XFR in the field of vision near the mouth of the patient during root canal treatment and easily follow the progress of the file. Its battery is easily replaceable and will last 500-800 treatments. For greater convenience, cables and accessories are autoclavable.

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