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Many polishing systems are restricted for use on either hybrid and nano composite or porcelain restorations. Having both in the office increases inventory and costs. Cut costs and increase profitability by stocking one system that polishes hybrid, nano composite, and porcelain. D-FINE DOUBLE DIAMOND™ is a system so flexible the dentist can use one polisher to create an ultra fast high shine. The key to creating a gloss result is creating a uniform initial polish. D-FINE DOUBLE DIAMOND Primary Polishers (purple) are embedded with diamond particles (average particle size 40 microns) that create a super smooth surface topography, in one simple step. With an average diamond particle size of 5 microns, D-FINE DOUBLE DIAMOND Final High Shine Polishers (orange) provide a high gloss shine, more efficiently.  A light wiping motion with water spray at 7,500 rpm is all that’s needed to achieve a beautiful shine (without the need for polishing paste).

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