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Sheer FluorX™ by CAO Group, Inc.

Sheer FluorX™

CAO Group, Inc.

CAO Group’s Sheer FluorX™ 5% Acidulated Sodium Fluoride Film is a safer fluoride treatment that can be used right at home. During Sheer FluorX application, virtually no gel escapes down the back of the throat. This is an easier fluoride treatment with no bulky trays, and no gagging. Sheer FluorX Fluoride Treatment Film is the ideal way to make in-office fluoride treatment easy, faster, more comfortable, and more practical. Children will love the ease and comfort of Sheer FluorX. The Sheer Film molds to teeth and delivers fluoride exactly where you want it, eliminating gel running down the throat and being swallowed. The 5% sodium fluoride acidulated formula provides an effective and long duration application of fluoride to the teeth.

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