ACE® ALL-BOND TE™ from BISCO, Inc., is a novel handheld, single-drop universal dental adhesive system that lets users prime and bond in one application. ALL-BOND TE is based on proven ALL-BOND 3® technology. It is an ethanol-based, dual-cured, total-etch adhesive system that combines uncompromising performance, universal versatility and superior adhesion for all dental applications.

ACE ALL-BOND TE is compatible with light-, dual- and self-cured materials, and will completely set in the deepest of restorative areas where light access may be difficult. A thin film thickness, along with a high pH and dual cure capability makes ACE ALL-BOND TE the ideal choice for simplified bonding procedures. ACE ALL-BOND TE comes in a proprietary cartridge that fits into the ACE dispenser.

ACE takes the guesswork out of every procedure by accurately dispensing the correct proportion of material every time. ACE is activated with just one click. ACE ALL-BOND TE brings together state-of-the-art adhesion technology and a revolutionary delivery system. Unlike other 3-step primers, the incorporation of highly cross-linked monomers within ACE ALL-BOND TE eliminates the need for a separate resin layer while preserving the long-term durability of the restoration.

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