Virtual Implant Placement (VIP)


BioHorizons comprehensive product portfolio includes Virtual Implant Placement (VIP) planning software and a Compu-Guide surgical template, which provide a guided surgery solution to reduce clinical challenges and enhance post-operative outcomes. VIP planning software includes the following features: Interactive 2D and 3D treatment planning, DICOM converter for instant file conversion, VIP Case Viewer freeware, Open implant platform designed for cross implant compatibility, Uses virtual treatment plan to create a Compu-Guide surgical template.

The software allows clinicians to clearly communicate the goal of the implant treatment to the patient and the implant treatment team.The dental laboratory is included as part of the guided surgery process and BioHorizons’ Partner Laboratory program includes dental laboratories in all regions of the US. Once the case has been digitally planned, the VIP treatment plan is electronically sent to BioHorizons manufacturing facility for Compu-Guide surgical template fabrication.

Compu-Guides are manufactured using advanced CNC technology where the submitted VIP plan data defines implant location, depth, and angulation. The combination of interactive 2D and 3D treatment planning for diagnosis and the Compu-Guide surgical template for guided surgery gives you the confidence for a safe and effective procedure.

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