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BeCe® Sub-TecPlus by BEGO USA

BeCe® Sub-TecPlus


The BeCe® Sub-TecPlus ceramic abutment from BEGO combines the advantages of a two-piece, individually produced ceramic abutment with the rapid availability of a prefabricated ceramic abutment. In addition to the optimised geometry of the new abutment in the form of a prefabricated gingival line, which enables a fast adjustment to individual anatomical characteristics, the stability of the entire abutment has undergone a manifold increase.

Due to the two-piece design of the new abutment, it is also possible to apply thin stain or glaze firings to the zirconium oxide ceramic sleeve with suitable dental ceramics – with absolutely no danger of impairing the implant-abutment mating by accidentally fusing layers onto the interface between the abutment and the implant.

Moreover, the titanium base is protected from thermal infivences since the bonding of the ceramic sleeve to the titanium base is only finalised after fabrication. With the new BeCe® Sub-TecPlus ceramic abutment, the patient’s desire for enhanced aesthetics can be fulfilled and a smile quickly put back on their face.

An all-ceramic abutment made of the BEGO ceramic material BeCe® zirconium dioxide is available for use with the BEGO Semados® implantology range in the fabrication of highly aesthetic anterior crown and bridge systems. The abutment is compatible with implants from the BEGO Semados® S and RI systems. Customised zirconium dioxide abutments can be obtained from BEGO Medical GmbH. 

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