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ORIGIN® Intelligence™ by B&D Dental Technologies

ORIGIN® Intelligence™

B&D Dental Technologies

The ORIGIN® Intelligence™ scan design system from B&D Dental Technologies provides access to the majority of restorative options on the market at the low cost of $7,500. This highly accurate scanner employs the latest technologies—multi-die scanning, impression scanning, implant abutments, and more. The narrow angle of the Twin-Camera Scanning system, coupled with White Light Technology, provides an accuracy level of 10 µm. After CAD design, all files are sent to the ORIGIN centralized production center and manufactured to design specifications on the ORIGIN line of milling machines. Restorations are offered at competitive market pricing and include zirconia (substructures and full contour), monolithic ceramics, implant abutments, titanium, cobalt chrome, wax, PMMA, and temporary materials. The Intelligence scanner can be integrated with open in-house CAM systems or design files can be sent to other production centers that accept .STL files for an additional one-time charge.

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