VersaMILL 5X200

Axsys Dental Solutions

The powerful and fully-featured Arum Versamill 5X-200 Milling Center is a 5-Axis, purpose-built production dental mill that provides superior accuracy with high throughput compared to other dental mills. The Versamill 5X-200 is designed as an open source mill, designed to provide owners with maximum flexibility and versatility in a dental manufacturing system. The mill can accept input from virtually all dental design programs, and accept virtually all existing dental milling materials including wax, zirconia, acrylic, composites, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics and others.

The strength and rigidity of the Versamill 5X-200 coupled with the undercut machining capability of full 5-Axis control provides superior surface finishes, faster cycle times and greater tool life while allowing you to machine virtually any material with the minimum amount of bench time. The Versamill 5X-200 in its standard configuration supports the manufacturing of multiple copings, crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays, abutments, dental bars and implant bridges. The Axsys team of experts can develop a custom open solution of hardware, software and services to meet your unique goals and objectives. Each Solution includes everything you need to achieve maximum utilization in the shortest possible timeframe.


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