American Dental Implant Corporation

Zircon-Brite is a solid polish provided in a jar that can be used to polish all types of crown and bridge restorative materials; including – Zirconium sub-structure collars, Zirconium full-Contour restorations, Layered porcelains, IPS emax® and Empress®Porcelains, All Cad/Cam generated restorations and all comoposite restorations. Zircon-Brite is unique in two major areas: It is the only polish that will shine Zirconium to a high luster. As well as, polish all of the materials mentioned above in seconds. Zircon-Brite is unique both in performance and price. It works extremely fast and costs about one-tenth of the price of competitive products. Zircon-Brite is available in twenty (20 gr.) gram jars offering wider access for brushes and wheels.

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