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Zap-Form System by American Dental Implant Corporation

Zap-Form System

American Dental Implant Corporation

The DVA Zap-Form System offers an extremely accurate and viable alternative to the use of wax when fabricating a partial denture. Those partial laboratories can now make a partial denture in less than 20 minutes WITHOUT THE USE OF WAX.

This wax-less technique allows the technicians to eliminate the traditional procedures such as, investing and boiling-out. All procedures can now be completed right at the work bench! And the finished product will be total accurate! The magic is in our unique putty material we call, ‘Zap-Putty’. Zap-Putty’s unique characteristics offers tight gingival margins and embrasure areas, plus the ability to add stippling if desired.

The benefits of Zap-Form Waxless Partial System is: Allows the fabrication of partial dentures in less than 20 minutes, Eliminates the use of wax, Eliminates the investment and boil-out procedures and, Reduces labor time and costs. 

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