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Retraction Capsule by 3M ESPE

Retraction Capsule


3M ESPE’s Retraction Capsule is a gingival retraction system that delivers astringent retraction paste using common composite dispensers, was designed with an extra-fine tip that can be inserted right into the sulcus. The time-savings enabled by the retraction capsule make it a convenient alternative to traditional gingival retraction methods such as retraction cord and other retraction pastes. Compared to retraction cords, the innovative system can cut up to half the time from the gingival retraction procedure, and is up to 30% faster than the leading retraction paste while effectively deflecting the marginal gingiva and providing long-lasting hemostasis.

The process to use the product is easy: the dental professional can simply fix the retraction capsule in a composite dispenser, then insert its tip into the sulcus and slowly inject the material. After two minutes, the retraction paste can be removed with an air-water spray. Each unit-dose retraction capsule contains 15 percent aluminum chloride, recently recognized by researchers as being as effective as epinephrine soaked cord in reducing the flow of sulcular fluid. The single- use capsule also helps dentists avoid problems caused by cross-contamination. Because it’s disposable, there are fewer preparation and process steps than competitive pastes. 

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