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Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine by 3M ESPE

Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine


The 3M ESPE Lava™ CNC 500 Milling Machine allows labs to increase productivity and become more versatile sources of CAD/CAM milling. The machine offers 3- or 5- axis smart milling and works with zirconia, wax block and the Lava™ DVS without stopping for retooling The CNC 500 work piece magazine makes it possible to load and unload a variety of frame types without interrupting the milling process – up to 21 frames with as many as 10 units per frame. The design eliminates the need for spring retainers, and boasts an easy-view window and adjacent touch-screen control center to show exactly where it is in a milling cycle. Because the CNC 500 tool changer holds 31 tools up to 50 mm in length, the tool portfolio can be changed to fit a variety of materials and indications. The tool changer also has a sensor that detects incorrect placement of tools. Both the milling hardware and the integrated suction system in the CNC 500 have been designed to reduce dust and contamination. The highly efficient suction system can be connected to a central dust abatement system at no extra cost, and with no extra devices required. In addition, the system is quieter and consumes less energy than previous models. The Lava CNC 500 Milling Machine also works with wax blocks and glass ceramic blocks, enabling the machine to produce full contour digital crowns made with zirconia substructures and glass ceramic porcelain work.

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