Periodontics Articles

  • Esthetic Connective Tissue Grafting of Multiple Recession Sites

    Douglas H. Mahn, DDS
    Inside Dentistry - September 2011

    Demonstrates the use of the tunnel technique and an acellular dermal matrix in the treatment of multiple adjacent gingival recession sites

  • Lasers

    Donald J. Coluzzi, DDS
    Inside Dentistry - Jul/Aug 2011

    2011 technology update on dental lasers

  • Timing of Guided Bone Regeneration: A Case Report

    Michael Sonick, DMD, Debby Hwang, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - April 2011

    Careful diagnosis and timing boost the chances for success of restoration with GBR prior to or in combination with implant placement

  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening with Reserve Vestibuloplasty

    Edward Kusek, DDS
    Inside Dentistry - February 2011

    Use of laser therapy aids in reducing excessive gingival display to help create an esthetic smile

  • When to Restore or Extract-A Clinical Guide

    Steven Kendrick, DDS, David T. Wong, DMD, DMSc
    Inside Dentistry - January 2011

    How to identify the structural, periodontal, endodontic, and esthetic parameters necessary for the predictable retention of teeth

  • Guided Wound Healing

    Steven I. Present, DMD
    Inside Dentistry - January 2011

    Case presentation demonstrates transmucosal development in the esthetic zone

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