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OraVu Introduces Hi Resolution Camera Endoscope

Posted on Friday, November 18, 2022

OraVu, the leading manufacture of dental endoscopes, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is announcing an additional advancement in oral care with the introduction of its 160,000 pixel 1.15 dia CMOS camera endoscope. This is a first for the industry and is in addition to its 40,000 pixel 1.15 dia CMOS camera scope. This new hi resolution camera scope is used exclusively on OraVu’s DeVA-1® Dental Vision Assistant, endoscope system.

Why is this important? Everyone “knows” when they see a good image, however, that is subjective, not objective. In dentistry a “Good” Image, especially an endoscope image, is one that allows the dental clinician to see more with greater clarity. When using an endoscope in the small confined area of the periodontal pocket, you see what you can see, but have no way of knowing just how “good” it is. OraVu’s 40,000 pixel camera scope provided significant advances over the 10,000 fiber optic scopes that have been used. OraVu’s 40k has revealed cracks and caries not seen in the radiographs.

How much better, subjectively, is the 160,000 over the 40,000?

The above images are to an endoscope what an eye chart is to your ophthalmologist. The higher the Group and Element the finer the lines are: 

At 5mm 40k best is Group 2 Element 4. These lines are 0.08839mm (0.0034 inches) 

At 5mm 160k best is Group 3 Element 5. These lines are 0.03937mm (0.0015 inches) 

This 225% improvement in resolution and clarity will provide dental clinicians to see more and with greater clarity. It is objectively and subjectively “better”. OraVu, continues to lead the industry in dental endoscope vision.

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