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CAD-Ray Announces Release of Trios 5 by 3Shape

Posted on Thursday, September 22, 2022

CAD-Ray Distribution is proud to announce the release of the Trios 5 Wireless scanner by 3Shape, available for immediate sale at The Trios 5 boasts more than 50 improvements over its predecessors, and is the lightest scanner to date from the Trios family. Some of the standout features include an LED ring and haptic sensory feedback for smoother, faster digital impressions, as well as a unique, closed (and autoclavable) scanner tip design protected by scratch-free sapphire glass for optimal hygiene.

3Shape CEO Jakob Just-Bornholt believes that the features of the Trios 5 are so advanced, they will be very well-received by dental practitioners. “We have strived for perfection through five generations of intraoral scanner evolution. Using state of the art scan software and artificial intelligence to deliver sharper colors, improved accuracy and increased efficiency, we believe Trios 5 surpasses all expectations. Trios 5 wireless simply makes sense.”

The all-new Trios 5 design is easier to clean and more hygienically sound than its predecessors due to a sealed frame that eliminates the accumulation of soil or contaminants in device crevices. It is less than 11oz in total weight (including battery and tip), and is less than 11 inches long. It is also notable that the scan tips are autoclavable up to 100 times.

CAD-Ray President Rich LaFergola says, “the Trios 5 has everything that CAD-Ray customers have been pining for. There is a reason that Trios is the market leader, and if you thought it was a great scanner before, the new features will blow you away. As with all scanners, when you purchase from CAD-Ray, that includes access to our online tutorial library as a lifetime resource for your entire team.”

CAD-Ray expects initial purchases to be ready to ship as soon as early November, and the Trios 5 is already available on here:

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