Elevate Oral Care Partners with HealthWarehouse.com

Posted on June 7, 2021

One of the biggest frustrations facing dental offices is the lack of patient follow-up to at-home therapy recommendations. To help solve this issue, Elevate Oral Care entered into an agreement with HealthWarehouse.com to provide moderate to high-caries risk patients with a convenient, safe and affordable way to obtain trusted and effective 5000 ppm F toothpaste therapies at home. The service is called Elevate Right™.

“For years we have listened to dental offices frustrated by the lack of patient fulfillment of prescriptions for ADA-recommended at-home therapies. Our partnership with HealthWarehouse.com provides dental practices an option to provide their patients with the right brands, in the right packaging that fits their recall cycle, in an affordable, convenient and safe way.” Kevin Thomas, Managing Member of Elevate Oral Care.

The Elevate Right™ service will include FluoriMax® 5000 and Just Right® 5000 Six-month Metered Dose brands in their full variety of flavors and additives.

“We are excited and honored to partner with Elevate Oral Care to provide this convenient option for dental offices and the patients they guide towards optimal oral health. We take pride in providing customers with personalized service.” Joseph Peters, CEO of HealthWarehouse.com.

HealthWarehouse.com is a leading online pharmacy, and a pioneer in affordable healthcare. The company is based in Florence, Kentucky, and its services are available nationwide. HealthWarehouse.com ships FDA-approved prescription medication and over-the-counter products direct to patients’ doors. As the country’s first nationally licensed online pharmacy, and longest running online pharmacy since 2007, HealthWarehouse.com has helped over 500,000 Americans afford their medication, providing a savings of over $30 million.

Elevate Oral Care is a full-line oral health prevention company with several first-to-dentistry products, including Advantage Arrest Silver Diamine Fluoride 38%, FluoriMax 2.5% Fluoride Varnish and Just Right 5000 Metered Dose Prescription Toothpaste.

For details on how the program works, reach out to Elevate Oral Care at 877-866-9113 or request an informational staff meeting at elevateoralcare.com/Staff-Meetings.

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