AJK Engineering introduces Splatter Reducing Disposable Prophy Angle

Posted on October 16, 2020

Lotus DPA is a unique, innovative, revolutionary, and patented product that addresses a long term unmet need for the dental hygiene industry. The splatter created by the rotating cup has been a chief safety concern among the hygienists due to HIV and other airborne viruses. Dentists are concerned with the increasing cost of disposable DPA.

Lotus DPA addresses performance, safety, and cost issues. To make it splatter-free, the Prophy Angle is designed with the following essential features:

-The dimple design on the outside of the cup to retain saliva.

-The splatter guard that eliminates the accumulated saliva from the outside of the cup during each rotation.

-Precise positioning of the splatter guard and a unique shape with a thin blade that would remain stiff during the procedure, stay in constant contact with the cup and yet be flexible enough for the patient comfort and effective splatter reduction.

-Transparent cup design for better visibility and repeated paste loading

AJK Engineering is a highly creative Dental Product Design and Development company focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing. We are passionate about innovating unique, ingenious, and revolutionary products that address the needs of the dental industry concerning performance, safety, and cost issues.

To learn more, or to purchase the Lotus Disposable Prophy Angle, call 888.926.1652 or visit www.lotus-dpa.com

To request a sample, please email to info@lotus-dpa.com


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