LOCATOR® Overdenture Attachment System Enters the Digital Workflow with Scan Bodies

Posted on March 25, 2020

Zest Dental Solutions, the only manufacturer of the Zest LOCATOR® Family of Attachment Systems, provider of clinician trusted dental materials and small equipment, enters the digital workflow with the launch of abutment level Scan Bodies for LOCATOR®.

The Scan Body for the Zest LOCATOR Attachment System was designed to automatically create the exact dimension and undercut required to retain the LOCATOR denture attachment housing within a 3D printed or milled prosthesis. The precise location of the LOCATOR and implant are captured through the scan, either intraorally or in a lab setting, for easy case planning and design. The overdenture is then 3D Printed or milled with the recess for the LOCATOR housing, allowing for easy, and quicker pick-up.

“At Zest, we are always striving to deliver products and solutions that help clinicians practice smarter and provide better dentistry resulting in happy patients,” says Tom Stratton, CEO Zest Dental Solutions. “By bringing LOCATOR into the digital workflow, clinicians can save time while improving the accuracy and consistency of their overdenture cases.”

The LOCATOR Scan Bodies are made of a durable PEEK material which can be sterilized and reused. They are available for all LOCATOR Attachments Systems, including LOCATOR Root, LOCATOR abutments and LOCATOR abutments for LOCATOR Implants.

To learn more or to purchase Scan Bodies for the LOCATOR Attachment System visit https://www.zestdent.com or call 800-262-2310.

About Zest Dental Solutions

Zest Dental Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of diversified dental solutions for a continuum of patient care from the preservation of natural teeth to the treatment of total edentulism. The company's product offering consists of a range of solutions including the LOCATOR® Family of Attachment Systems, LOCATOR Implant Systems, Consumables and Dental Equipment, with global distribution through Implant Companies, dealer/distributor networks, as well as a domestic retail sales operation. Zest Dental Solutions is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with operations in Anaheim and Escondido, California. Zest Dental Solutions is a portfolio company of BC Partners, a leading private equity firm. For more information, please visit www.zestdent.com


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