North Kansas City Company Takes Off with Scrubs That Give Smiles

Posted on May 14, 2019

When Dr. Bill Busch was volunteering with NFL players for TeamSmile, a charity he started in Kansas City over ten years ago, he had some questions. Why isn’t someone making great scrubs that fit these dentists like uniforms fit these athletes? And why didn’t he look and feel as good in his uniform as professional athletes do in theirs? Busch relayed his questions to his wife Natalie, and the couple did some research. Initially, they thought this would be an excellent opportunity to outfit dental professionals that were volunteering for TeamSmile a few times a year. It turns out, medical professionals were also looking for these kinds of scrubs.

“We started with a mission to create scrubs that would actually fit and not just hang off a body. We named them for the element Titanium (Ti). We wanted to create something that reflected that element—lightweight, yet strong; cut for athletes but forgiving all at once. Our

fabrics and patterns move with the human form more than the typical cotton numbers you see at a hospital. Plus, our fabric is anti-microbial and pet hair resistant, making it a suitable choice for vets and scientists,” says Natalie, who now is CEO of TiScrubs in its eighth year in business.

A former Marketing Strategist at Hallmark in Kansas City, Natalie knew there was an opportunity for the company to grow but also to not take itself so seriously. While her husband was the expert in what a medical professional needs, her branding efforts were vital in continuing to expand the business.

“We started this business when there were very few people making scrubs. Now, you’ve got to stand out. We spend extensive time researching fabrics and cuts, but I still think our customer service and our turnaround times are the best in the business. Plus we are injecting some serious fun into this product. You have to have humor to function as a medical professional too. Our web site is fun and fresh, and we’ve got the ability to make anything from conservative solids to wild custom prints.”

The couple hasn’t forgotten its roots. The North Kansas City company continues its generous spirit. At least five percent from each sale goes back to TeamSmile, bringing the effort full circle.

“Our mission for TeamSmile was always to help people, and I feel the same way about this business,” Dr. Busch says. TeamSmile partners pro sports teams and dental professionals to provide free dental care to underserved kids in the U.S. You can see the TiScrubs on the Sporting Field on April 26, 2019, with TeamSmile.

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