Posted on July 11, 2018

In a sea of blue curing lights, Vista Dental Products differentiates with a unique technology. Using pink light, a combination of near-infrared and standard blue light, VALIANT® PINK significantly improves micro-hardness of composite restorations and generates less heat than standard curing lights.

Vista Dental Product’s VALIANT® dual wavelength curing lights are capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials, making them some of the most versatile curing lights on the market.

VALIANT® precision optics and a unique arrangement of LEDs produce a uniform beam of high intensity light, 1200-2500mw/cm2 in the 395-500 nm wavelength range. A uniform beam profile ensures even curing and a 6.8mm depth of cure on standard mode. When in boost mode, the device offers a 3-second cure.

VALIANT® lights are also equipped with a transilluminator for detecting fractures, cracks and residual caries. Each device is packaged with two rechargeable batteries that provide 300 ten-second cures on a single charge.

Go beyond the blue, choose VALIANT® PINK today.

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