Straumann Becomes a Strategic Investor in Dental Monitoring

Posted on April 12, 2018

The two companies have signed an agreement that provides Straumann with global distribution rights to DM's technology in return for an injection of capital and a minor stake in DM. Straumann will integrate DM's technology into its portfolio of orthodontic and digital solutions and the two companies will collaborate to develop further applications for artificial intelligence in the dental field. DM will continue to support and sell to orthodontic customers through its own network.

Remote Monitoring - Transforming orthodontics

DM is the first company to enable orthodontists and dentists to remotely monitor treatment progress in their patients. Together with the introduction of virtual check-ups to supplement chairside appointments, this offers a significant improvement to patient care. After downloading the DM application on their smartphones, patients use the proprietary DM self-scanning process, usually on a weekly basis from the comfort and convenience of their home. DM's proprietary artificial intelligence technology extracts information from the collected data and combines it with the digital impression data acquired when treatment began.

The software uses highly accurate clinical measurement tools and photo-simulations that record actual tooth movement over the course of treatment and monitors any relapse during the post-treatment retention phase. The system communicates with the orthodontist whenever necessary or required, allowing for timely intervention and adjustments that make the treatment more efficient. The DM web-based dashboard allows the orthodontist to communicate effortlessly with the patient, to support compliance and motivation.

Artificial Intelligence ("AI") - next generation of dental products

The use of machine-learning algorithms to transform medicine and dentistry is an important technological innovation to improve treatment outcomes and patient engagement.

DM's engineering team based in Paris, has spent the last 4 years developing the DM proprietary technology to make remote monitoring a reality. The company has invested millions of dollars gathering and tagging clinically relevant data to enable the development of highly accurate artificial intelligence algorithms. Today its technology can detect over 170 different clinical situations from images taken by patients using their smartphones. These results are constantly clinically validated by DM's panel of orthodontists, prior to being communicated back to the treating orthodontist or dentist. In just a few years, DM has validated nearly 2 million clinical records from patients and the number is growing exponentially.

Integrating DM technologies into other dental products 

DM's artificial intelligence technology will support Straumann's orthodontic and intraoral scanning businesses and could be extended to applications in implant and preventative dentistry. A significant part of Straumann's investment will be used to fund these developments and the Group will be represented in DM's Strategic Management and Development Board.

Marco Gadola, CEO of Straumann Group 

"Enabling dentists to offer patients a reliable, easy-to-use mobile application for checking their teeth and treatment progress will change dentistry. Our investment in DM provides us with a proven orthodontics tracking system, which is commercially-available in addition to securing a partner with the expertise to develop further artificial intelligence solutions in our field".

Philippe Salah, CEO of Dental Monitoring 

"In 2017, DM commenced a search for a strategic investor in the dental industry to provide funding and access to large global dental markets and to accompany us beyond our current position in orthodontic monitoring. Straumann is an ideal partner for many reasons: they are a truly global company and are investing significantly in digital dentistry as a core business. They are renowned for clinical excellence and brand leadership and share our passion for pioneering innovation and entrepreneurism. With their scientific heritage and strength in digital, they are our partner of choice for developing and establishing remote monitoring coupled with AI as the new standard of care".

Other DM Investors 

In March 2018, DM completed a US$9.5m investment round with over 50 individual investors - mainly orthodontists who see the opportunity that DM has to transform not only orthodontics but also dentistry. DM is also backed by Naxicap Partners, one of France's largest private equity and venture capital firms who were DM's first external investors in 2016. The remainder of the shares are held by the founders and employees. 

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