Awrel Enhances its HIPAA-compliant Texting and Collaboration Platform with Amazon-Alexa-based, Hands-free Voice Assistant Capabilities

Posted on October 11, 2017

Awrel, a Boston-based dental solution provider, today announced the addition of voice-first capabilities to its communication and collaboration platform, enabling automated voice-powered digital workflow for all types of business transactions including hands-free lab ordering. This new smart virtual assistant solution works within Awrel’s HIPAA compliant text messaging application to power smart conversational voice experiences via cell phone or voice assistant devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Awrel received positive feedback in Boston after demonstrating a custom-developed voice-powered laboratory order form at the American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting in September said Arnold Rosen, DDS, Awrel founder and CEO. “It’s as easy as the following exchange,” said Rosen.

“John: Alexa, open my Awrel Lab.

Alexa: What would you like to order?

John: An implant supported abutment and crown

Alexa: Would you like cement or screw retention?”

The subsequent conversation uses a decision tree to ask appropriate questions about location, implant type and size, abutment and crown materials, and date required, Rosen explained. “It’s essentially a smart form offered via voice,” he stated. “And part of it is designed for non-technical users, so subject matter experts such as clinicians or marketing professionals can create the conversational flow.”

According to Rosen, Awrel’s new add-on voice solution embeds artificial intelligence to guide users verbally through simple or complex customer experiences to ensure transactions are fast, accurate and complete,” “Now, for the first time, the dental industry can quickly and easily leverage texting, hands-free technology and artificial intelligence – all with total HIPAA compliance,” Rosen said.

According to researchers at Gartner, by 2018 nearly 30% of all interactions with technology will happen through conversation. And by 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with his or her spouse. “Following the web and mobile applications, voice is the next digital frontier,” Rosen stated. “Organizations across all sectors are using voice to improve processes, build brands and drive commerce. Dentistry can now reap the benefits as well.”


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