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Your Practice Power Play: Merging the Best in Composite Resins and Adhesives

March 23, 2018

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  • Universal composites offer versatility, performing exceptionally well in both the posterior and anterior.
  • High-density, uniform dispersion nano-filler technology achieves high wear resistance and good physical properties.
  • A one-component, universal adhesive bonding agent is flexible for use in total, selective, and self-etch bonding techniques.

The long-term success of dental restorations is multifactorial. These factors include critical properties of composite material and adhesive products, along with clinical techniques such as conditioning tooth surface, layering composites, and managing working time.

At any intersection of material and technique, these factors working together seamlessly ensure a predictable, superior outcome under challenging conditions. One way to increase the ease and probability of success is by selecting a product line of consistent, universal materials that work in tandem to form highly esthetic and wear-resistant direct restorations.

Learn about the ways products have been engineered to work together, to produce results previously unachievable in a single product line.

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