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The Economics of Custom-Made Appliances: An Update on New Opportunities

April 24, 2019

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  • The market for mouthguards is not limited to children. Older patients are increasingly active, and just as likely to injure themselves.
  • Custom-fitted trays and clear retainers, fabricated in-house to your standards, can meet and exceed the needs of your patients. 
  • By fabricating splints in your office, you will have more control over the process. assuring the best results.

Imagine you were the only dentist in your geographic area that offered a specific, much-needed service. With little or no competition, your practice would most likely attract new patients specifically for that procedure, once you advertised its availability.

In-office appliance fabrication is a distinctive, affordable way to expand your services, without a major investment for training or equipment. In addition, these potential products are already familiar to patients: clear retainers, sports mouthguards, TMJ splints, temporaries for crown and bridge, denture repairs, and whitening trays.

Expand your services and open the door to increased revenue by incorporating in-house appliance fabrication with affordable, operator-friendly thermoforming equipment.

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