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How Universal Bonding Improves Treatment Confidence

December 22, 2016

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  • The American Dental Association states the average crown in America lasts about 10 years, but in reality patients expect it to last permanently
  • The latest category of adhesive products is now “universal”—single-bottle, no-mix systems that can be used in total-, self-, or selective-etch mode
  • With universal adhesion, you can still work with your preferred bonding technique

The predictability and durability of many restorative procedures is dependent on the ability to bond materials to tooth structure. Adhesion dentistry is increasingly complex, with no single solution for all clinical situations. However, technology is advancing: The latest adhesive products are now “universal”—single-bottle, no-mix systems that can be used in total-, self-, or selective-etch mode. What are the essential features of “universal” adhesive products and what do they mean for your practice?

Our daily challenges are quite complex, and the implementations are critical for a successful outcome for both the patient and the practitioner. Before we decide on restoration treatment and materials, we need to identify the long-term versus short-term outcomes and objectives, while balancing patient expectations and perceptions.

It is important to be realistic about the materials that we use and select for our patients. Learn more about the indications and techniques of universal adhesives for your practice.

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