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Liberal or Conservative: Taking the “politics” out of zirconia cementation

Jack D. Griffin, Jr., DMD

March 17, 2021 - Expires March 31, 2024

Commercial Supporter:


  • Acknowledge certain advantages provided by the use of zirconia. 
  • Recognize the benefits of using self-adhesive resin cements with zirconia crowns, with or without separate dentin bonding agents. 
  • Identify recent advances in the development of highly biocompatible materials. 

Some “cementalists” prefer to avoid adhesives at all costs, while “adhesivists” promote the use of bonding agents whenever possible. Many dentists are moderates and will use either method, or both, as needed.

More specifically with regards to zirconia restorations, there is the perception that, because the material itself is relatively hard, almost any type of bonding material will work.

Nonetheless, as zirconia formulations become more translucent, and thereby less durable, it is even more critical to long-term success that they be placed with a dual-cure self-adhesive resin cement (SARC) or a resin cement preceded by a separate dentin bonding agent.

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