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A Practical Guide to Mineral-Enriched Composites

Robert A. Lowe, DDS

December 7, 2020

Commercial Supporter:


  • Affected dentin can be remineralized.
  • Essential minerals such as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride, help support the natural remineralization process in the oral environment.
  • Composite materials integrate with the tooth structure to provide long-term esthetics and strength.

Dentistry has come a long way. Rather than “extension for prevention,” there has been a shift toward “prevention of extension,” whereby only infected dentin is removed and affected dentin is left intact. Research shows that affected dentin can be remineralized and turned back into healthy dentin. The potential for remineralization, combined with early diagnosis and minimally invasive treatments, means that more patients can keep their teeth for a lifetime.

A new generation of composite materials contains essential minerals such as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride, which help support the natural remineralization process that is constantly underway in the oral environment. This eBook shows several restorative cases using a new mineral-enriched light cure composite that mimics the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth.


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