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4 Keys to Closing Complex Cases: How to Present Comprehensive Treatment Plans

March 28, 2017

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  • In comprehensive cases that require significant time and financial commitment, it is important to create value for each patient in terms that he or she will relate to
  • Experts recommend training staff and a treatment coordinator in a professional capacity to work with the patient in a private location to help them identify and articulate their concerns
  • Case presentations become more efficient when patients receive information about long-term financing at the same time and can factor that into their decision

How do you present comprehensive treatment plans in this changing patient environment, which also includes post-recession financial pressures? Patients need help understanding their options and visualizing results from both a functional and esthetic perspective. At the same time, you need to avoid overwhelming them, and instead focus initially on establishing open communication and trust.

For many patients, dental treatment is a large financial decision, subject to the same personal benefit analysis as any major purchase. The decision is situational, often a complex mix of subjective and objective considerations.

Therefore it’s essential that presentations be engaging, visual, and well prepared. Learn more about what patients want to know during treatment presentations, and how to prepare for their concerns, with inside tips from an experienced treatment coordinator.


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