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Sell Your Dental Practice Successfully

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA | May 20, 2016

If you have decided to sell your dental practice, you should consider a few essentials to protect yourself. 

Prospective Study Seeks to Understand the Genetic Connection between Periodontal and Systemic Health

Kenneth Kornman, DDS, PhD | May 16, 2016

When nearly half of adults over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease, the need to encourage people to visit the dentist becomes increasingly urgent. 

A Venn Approach to Excellence in the Dental Office

Gregory P. Heintschel, DDS, MBA | April 29, 2016

Identify aspects of your practice that require your attention, help monitor ongoing operations, and yield predictable outcomes. With this holiositc approach you can attain an office “zen” that enhances workflow, improves quality of care, and bolsters employee and patient satisfaction. 

Growing Hygiene Production in Your Practice

Roger P. Levin, DDS | April 15, 2016

In the post-recession economy, many once-loyal patients are rethinking the need for twice-yearly hygiene appointments. In Dr. Roger P. Levin's next post in the Practice Performance Matrix™ blog series, you can assess the productivity of your practice and determine whether you can be doing more to enhance hygiene production. 

Pretax and After Tax Transitions: A Comparison

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA | April 1, 2016

When selling a dental practice, the taxes incurred by the buyer and seller can affect their living standards forever. In his next blog, Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA, explains how dentists can leverage this situation, to create a favorable outcome for each.

Thoughts from Year One: The Pain Management Conundrum

Kyle Smith, DDS | March 21, 2016

When patients present with physical pain it is often accompanied with an emotional counterpart: anxiety. Kyle Smith, DDS' simple tricks seem to help make the appointment easier for the patient and himself. 

Perfecting the New Patient Experience

Roger P. Levin, DDS | February 26, 2016

Levin Group's "New Patient Experience" is a meticulously planned, step-by-step process that lays the foundation for a strong, lasting, and productive relationship between the patient and your practice. 

Dental Practice Transitions and Earn Outs

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA | February 19, 2016

When a practice transition does not occur because the buyer and the seller can’t agree on the dental practice transition price, sometimes a creative approach is needed to convince the buyer and the seller that the transition can occur. 

How Seniors Can Save on Dental Care

February 5, 2016

In today’s medical landscape, 70% of older Americans currently have no form of dental insurance. This grave fact has propelled Dental Solutions to educate Americans on oral health issues and ways to save on dental care. 

Five Ways to Improve Collections

Roger P. Levin, DDS | January 22, 2016

Improving collections is vital to sustaining your practice, and maintaining the level of care you provide to your patients. Unfortunately, many dentists and team members still have trouble discussing money with patients. 

Extracting the Pain from Dental Benefits Administration

Matt Martin | January 1, 2016

Painless dentistry is about more than just a clinician’s approach to patients. Many payers are now offering dental provider portals to facilitate dental benefit administration, making a positive difference in administrative workflow as well as cash flow. 

Goodwill Allocations and Their Importance

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA | December 23, 2015

In his next blog, Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA underscores the importance of understanding "goodwill," and how its valuation process can determine the way a practice owner lives the rest of her life.

The Social Impact of Dentures

December 11, 2015

In a survey initiated by Polident® Denture Cleanser and Super Poligrip® Denture Adhesive, researchers investigated the social and emotional barriers that impede denture wearers’ quality of life. 

Thoughts from Year One: The Measure of Responsibility

Kyle Smith, DDS | December 4, 2015

When a noncompliant patient accosts Kyle Smith, DDS, with the threat of legal action, he is confronted with a reality that dental school did not prepare him for.  

A Closer Look at Case Acceptance

Roger P. Levin, DDS | November 13, 2015

Even if your practice is bustling with referrals, new patients, and a full schedule, you could still be losing revenue. In Dr. Levin's fourth post in the Practice Performance Matrix series, he recommends four ways to enhance case acceptance and maximize your total production.

Cost Segregation Depreciation

Bruce Bryen, CPA, CVA | November 6, 2015

In the more than 40 years of working with dentists, Bruce Bryen has seen investments in real estate appreciate but do little for immediate tax deductions. The idea of using cost-segregation depreciation changes that.

What Will the Proposed Changes to the ADA’s Sedation Guidelines Mean for Patients and Practitioners?

Raymond A. Dionne, DDS, PhD | November 5, 2015

Revisions to the ADA Guidelines for the Use of Sedation and General Anesthesia by Dentists are being considered at a reference committee hearing on November 7, 2015, at the ADA Annual Meeting. What would the changes mean for dentists and their patients?

How Emotional Intelligence Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Frank Manfre | October 30, 2015

Organizations have traditionally focused their hiring criteria and training programs on a person’s intelligence quotient (IQ), this article describes why one's emotional intelligence quotient (EQ) may be a much more valuable measure of one's potential. 

Four Common Myths about Dental Lasers

David Fantarella, DMD | October 23, 2015

Many early adopters of dental lasers were burned when the technology was in its infancy. By shedding light on some common dental lasers myths, this article dispels fears about joining the rapidly growing laser-dentist population.

7 Steps to Scripting Success

Roger P. Levin, DDS | September 25, 2015

This next installment in the Practice Performance Matrix™ series examines a proven method for reaching performance targets, heightening patient satisfaction, reducing stress, and increasing production.

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