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Inside Dentistry
June 2023
Volume 19, Issue 6

Hidden Production From Existing Patients

A. “Tony” Tomaro, DDS, on Shofu’s Beautifil Flow Plus® X and other restorative materials

I have built my reputation on providing exceptional individualized care to patients. For my direct composite restorations, I offer minimally invasive options that use the best materials on the market. Worn dentition from clenching, grinding, or the occurrence of erosion over time is predominantly seen among patients in the aging population; however, it is also seen among younger patients. This can lead to challenging clinical manifestations, such as anterior abfractions and worn incisal edges, for which minimally invasive direct composite restorations are particularly useful to preserve the natural dentition of the patient. This is especially relevant because life expectancies continue to increase, which offers opportunities to boost production with existing patients.

For the minimally invasive treatment of anterior abfractions and worn incisal edges, a flowable composite is preferable, and one of my materials of choice is Shofu's Beautifil Flow Plus® X. Beautifil Flow Plus X is a nanohybrid flowable composite with bioactive properties. This material adapts well to preparations, is easy to place, maintains its strength, and is easy to polish. In addition, it incorporates Shofu's Giomer Technology—a bioactive technology that releases and recharges healthful ions, including fluoride. Together, these ions have been clinically proven to inhibit plaque, neutralize acid, and eliminate secondary decay.1,2 They reduce tooth mineral solubility, which encourages the remineralization of tooth enamel and decreases the acid production of cariogenic bacteria, providing both bioactive and therapeutic benefits.3 These properties are beneficial for all patients but particularly for geriatric patients with high caries risk.

An excellent single-component self-etch bonding agent for these types of cases is Shofu's BeautiBond®. After preparing the teeth, achieving proper isolation, selectively etching with a 35% phosphoric acid etchant for 15 seconds, rinsing, and drying, I simply apply BeautiBond to the preparations and leave them undisturbed for 10 seconds before air drying them. Air drying is accomplished with a gentle stream of air for approximately 3 seconds followed by a stronger stream of air until a thin and uniform bonding layer is obtained. Next, I light cure the bonding agent with an LED light-curing unit for 5 seconds and place the Beautifil Flow Plus X, which is available in two viscosities: no flow and low flow. I often use the low flow viscosity for its self-leveling properties and adaptability. To finish these restorations, I use Shofu's Super-Snap X-Treme finishing and polishing discs and CompoSite composite polishing paste.

Minimally invasive treatment options, such as this one for the treatment of wear, are generally more agreeable for patients and typically result in very successful outcomes. Treatment times are shorter, anesthesia is not necessary, and the procedures are usually covered by insurance. With Shofu's high-quality, value-priced materials, any dentist should be able to utilize minimally invasive strategies to become more productive and profitable.

Key Takeaways

• Shofu's Beautifil Flow Plus X nanohybrid flowable composite adapts well to preparations, is easy to place, maintains its strength, and is easy to polish.

• Beautifil Flow Plus X incorporates bioactive Giomer Technology, which inhibits plaque, neutralizes acid, eliminates secondary decay, and reduces tooth mineral solubility to encourage remineralization.

• Boost production by providing minimally invasive procedures while lowering overhead costs with Shofu's high-quality, value-priced products that typically cost 30% less than those of leading competitors.


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