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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

Venus® Bulk Flow ONE

1. Facilitates fast and easy placement. The flowable and self-leveling formula helps to reduce chair time.

2. Achieves excellent esthetics. The material's Adaptive Shade Matching Technology allows restorations to blend seamlessly into the surrounding dentition.

3. Provides excellent wear resistance and a low modulus of elasticity. Bulk-fill up to 4 mm without the need for an additional capping layer.

4. Reduces inventory and costs. A single shade matches all of the shades in the Vita® classical range from A1 to D4, so there is no need to stock multiple composite shades.

5. Promotes time efficiency. Ideal for patients who are unable to endure long restorative procedures.

"Being the only one-shade, bulk-fill flowable composite on the market, Venus Bulk Flow ONE is in a category of its own. It esthetically blends with the surrounding natural tooth structure. It also fluoresces very well under black light, which makes it a great choice for attachments in clear aligner cases."

Mike DiTolla, DDS
Lodi, California


High radiopacity: 299% of aluminum

High flexural strength: 120 MPa

Filler content: 65%

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