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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

The Dental Lab – 3D AOX

1. Trusana. Currently available in six shades, Trusana meets the demand for a predictable, consistent, and beautiful restoration.

2. DESS® Select Grip® Ti-Bases. With its Select Grip surface treatment, DESS increases the bond strength up to 200%.

3. Choices, choices, and more choices. DESS offers a wide range of compatibility. This facilitates a variety of cost-effective solutions that are compatible with most implant companies.

4. Add a little bit of spice. With additions to Trusana, such as GC GRADIA® gum, The Dental Lab is easily able to customize for an amazingly esthetic, strong, and long-term temporary solution.

5. A match made in heaven. Your restorations will outperform your expectations with Trusana's increased flexural strength, low absorption rate, and great resistance to wear.

The Trusana/DESS combination truly checks all the boxes using conventional digital workflows, which makes it possible to produce a restoration that solves the need for long-term temporization of All-On-X implant cases. For cost-effective, strong, and highly esthetic restorations, give The Dental Lab's 3D print resin solution a try!


The Dental Lab: All-On-X specialization, cost-effective packages, branches of laboratory niches

Trusana: 2× flexural strength, 2× more wear resistance, 3× stronger when wet

DESS: Wide range of compatibility, lifetime warranties, cost-effective

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