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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

SureSmile® Clear Aligners

1. Clinically powered. Treatment planning with SureSmile® Aligner Software allows you to link digital photographs with a 3D model for excellent smile design. SureSmile technology has been used to treat more than 750,000 patients.1

2. Predictable outcomes. Requiring 50% less refinements than other aligners helps you achieve predictable outcomes and patient satisfaction.2

3. Easy integration. The SureSmile Aligner Software is a cloud-based, open-platform system that is compatible with Dentsply Sirona scanners as well as other commonly used scanners.

4. Versatile. SureSmile Aligners are made by experts using advanced technology and proven materials. Unique features allow for personalization for challenging cases.

5. Virtually undetectable. Known for high performance with an esthetically pleasing appearance, SureSmile Aligners offer a straight trimline that has a positive effect on the force transmission to help reduce the number of necessary attachments.

"I have offered clear aligners to my patients for more than 15 years. Since switching to SureSmile Aligners, I have noticed improved patient comfort, more predictable results, and shorter treatment times. My patients have been blown away by the technology as well as the appearance and fit of the aligners. They constantly comment on how easy the process was from start to finish."

Anthony Ponzio, DDS
SureSmile® KOL for Dentsply Sirona
Oak Park, Illinois


A better experience for patients. With SureSmile® VPro*, SureSmile Whitening Kit*, and SureSmile® Retainer, you can offer your patients more reasons to choose SureSmile Clear Aligners.

* SureSmile VPro and SureSmile Whitening Kit are not available in all markets.

Dentsply Sirona • 844-848-0137

1. SureSmile treated cases - data on file 2022.

2. Claim based on data analysis of SureSmile Aligner global refinement rate compared to data reported in: Keim RG, Vogels DS III, Vogels PB. JCO study of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment procedures. J Clin Orthod. 2020;54(10);581-610.


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