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Inside Dentistry
November 2022
Volume 18, Issue 11

Core-Flo™ DC and Core-Flo™ DC Lite

1. High strength. Creates a strong foundation for crowns or direct restorations.

2. Available in two viscosities. Excellent flowability makes it effective for core buildups, post cementation, and dentin replacement.

3. Unique formulation. Low-shrinkage properties allow it to be used as a dentin replacement material, and it cuts like dentin, so it is easy to prepare.

4. Radiopaque. Easy to identify on radiographs for quick and effective diagnosis.

5. Reliable. Dual-cure chemistry that performs equally well in both the light-cure and self-cure modes.

"Core-Flo DC and Core-Flo DC Lite allow me to incorporate reliability and consistency into my restorative procedures. Whether it's performing deep margin elevation, restoring endodontic accesses, or rebuilding missing tooth structure, these materials offer a balance between stackability and flowability to ensure proper adaptation every time. They are the ideal core buildup materials."

Devin McClintock, DDS
Williamsburg, Virginia


Delivery system: 8 g dual-cure syringe

Shades: Natural/A1 and Opaque White

Technique: Specifically designed to cement posts and build up the core structure in one easy application


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