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Inside Dentistry
September 2022
Volume 18, Issue 9

Let’s Celebrate Office Manager Appreciation Month

Bete Johnson on the importance of recognizing #AwesomeOMs

Every member of the dental team is critical to the success of a practice and should be recognized and celebrated. In 2019, CareCredit® joined with the American Association of Dental Office Management (AADOM) to have September officially recognized by the American Dental Association as Office Manager Appreciation Month (OMAM), which focuses on some of the hardest working professionals in healthcare—dental practice managers.

Before I joined CareCredit, I worked in a busy dental practice. Since then, the role of the office manager has expanded beyond the traditional expectations to include reputation management, social media marketing, handling all of the financial aspects of the practice, and other functions; however, I would have greatly benefitted from having some of the CareCredit tools that are available today to make it easier to communicate with patients before, during, and after their appointments about treatment, financial solutions, and more. For example, with CareCredit's custom link, all patients have to do while in the practice is scan the QR code with their smart device, and they can privately learn about, see if they prequalify for, and apply for the CareCredit credit card. This process saves office managers a little time, which means that they have more time to accomplish their other functions—and to be celebrated during OMAM!

This year, OMAM will be bigger and better than ever. Teams can sign up at our portal ( to find inspiration and free resources to make it easier to recognize their office managers both in the practice and through social media. Click on "team assets" for celebration ideas. In addition, office managers can visit the same site for a virtual experience filled with fun, games, and appreciation. There's even a special offer from our partner, the AADOM, that will make it easier for #AwesomeOMs to connect with their peers and enhance their professional and personal skills.

Celebrations are fun for the whole team, and they may help to create a positive workplace culture, which may also help improve team members' health. Research shows that active adults with lower cumulative stress enjoy better health.1 In addition to reducing stress, celebrations can help improve cognitive performance.2 Lastly, celebrations can help increase job satisfaction and boost retention. They may influence the way that your team members view themselves and their jobs and encourage the habits and behaviors that lead to success.3

If your practice isn't already offering patients the CareCredit healthcare credit card, sign up today to empower them to be able to pay for the care that they need and empower yourself to achieve your business goals. And all month long, join me in expressing appreciation to all office managers—a community of caring people who care for people. Thanks for all that you do!

Key Takeaways

1.  September is OMAM and the perfect time to celebrate how much office managers contribute to their teams, practices, and patients

2. Visit for ideas on how the team can celebrate their #AwesomeOM, a special offer from AADOM, and a virtual experience just for office managers

3. You can also discover just how easy it is for patients to learn about, see if they prequalify for (with no impact on their credit bureau scores), and apply for the CareCredit credit card

Bete Johnson
General Manager, Dental
CareCredit, a Synchrony Solution

Company Information

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2. Stults-Kolehmainen MA, Tuit K, Sinha R. Lower cumulative stress is associated with better health for physically active adults in the community. Stress. 2014;17(2):157-168.
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