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Inside Dentistry
September 2022
Volume 18, Issue 9

DualForce™ Sectional Matrix System

1. Rings feature dual NiTi concentric wires, maximizing separation force while sealing the band to the tooth, minimizing flash.

2. Rings sit at a 20° angle, allowing clearance of an adjacent dam clamp or prominent cusp, and are stackable for MOD restoration.

3. Design of the interproximal separators enable the rings' prongs to be driven deep into embrasure spaces and adapt to cusps, eliminating pop-off and minimizing flash.

4. Active-Wedges have a tip that collapses during insertion and then expands once seated, helping seal the matrix band/tooth interface and preventing them from backing out.

5. Natural contour and strong internal spine of Active-Wedges improve matrix band seal at the proximal box, minimizing flash while producing 2 lbs of separating force.

DualForce is a complete matrix system for Class II composite restorations that provides a consistently tight posterior contact, reducing finishing time. It's also one component of a comprehensive preparation-to-polish direct restorative system available from Brasseler USA. All of the products in the system are compatible, offer options for varying techniques, and are designed to help achieve more predictable outcomes.


Rings: molar (green) and premolar (orange)

Active-Wedges: five sizes to address all clinical situations, including a unique No. 5 "deep seal" wedge

Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands: three sizes wide enough to facilitate full cusp replacement and strong enough to resist crimping

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