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Inside Dentistry
September 2022
Volume 18, Issue 9

Channels® One and Channels® Flex

1. Channels One heat-treated reciprocating variable taper NiTi files incorporate flexibility and strength into a one-file system that increases efficiency and reduces chair time.

2. Channels Flex heat-treated rotary constant taper NiTi files can be used to complete virtually any root canal procedure.

3. Capable of handling 90-degree curves, Channels One and Channels Flex files can navigate the natural shape of challenging canals without bounce-back, preserving the anatomy.

4. Proprietary metallurgy technology delivers higher resistance to cyclic fatigue than many leading brands, allowing clinicians to be confident about any procedure.

5. Matching gutta percha and absorbent paper points are available for each Channels One and Channels Flex file.

Channels One and Channels Flex were designed with flexibility, strength, and quality in mind to enable clinicians to complete virtually any endodontic procedure. They are the newest additions to the Channels portfolio, which provides high-quality products at an unmatched value.


Channels One is available in 21-mm, 25-mm, and 31-mm lengths and assorted tip and ISO sizes in 3-packs and assorted 4-packs.

Channels Flex is available with 0.04-mm and 0.06-mm tapers and in assorted tip and ISO sizes in 4-packs and assorted 4-packs.

Color coded for easy identification.

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